For Wellness Practitioners Who Want to Increase Their Community Presence and Attract More Ideal Clients
The Quick Start Online Chair Massage Course
Have you ever wondered... why some wellness practitioners grow their practice, and have a full schedule? 

What makes them so special?

You've put in a lot of time and effort to be trained and build a business, and you wonder why others get the success that you are supposed to have.

New practitioners come into the area, new students graduate every day... and you wonder if there are still enough clients to go around. 

Maybe you've even tried talking to everyone you know, but most people don’t know what it is that you do. You spend ages explaining how it works, hoping they will buy, but they say it’s too “out there” and they walk away.

If you have spent the day sitting at trade shows with an armful of brochures, just waiting, then I get you.

If you have had people look at you with wide eyes and say “not for me thanks” when you say what you do, then you are in good company. 

They say “some people have all the luck.” Well... 

What if it isn’t luck?
Do you want a system that will show you how you can become known in your community as the "go-to" wellness practitioner and attract the clients you're meant to serve?

Hey, Bob Hanley here,

I'm the President of Integra College. My team and I have been training and certifying wellness practitioners for over 15 years. We have perfected our system for teaching and assessing chair massage techniques online.  

And for the last 15 years my team and I have been teaching others how to build a successful wellness practice by incorporating chair massage to increase their community presence and attract their ideal clients..

I am proud of what my students have accomplished.

They trusted the system, they worked hard and implemented, and they deserve every bit of success that they have achieved…
Are you just one step away from the 
successful wellness practice you deserve?
Most of the wellness practitioners I see have all the right essentials for success in place. They are hard working, they have great technique and they truly care for their clients. 

But it turns out: The skills that make a great wellness practitioner are not the same skills as the ones that make you a successful business person.

And to make it more complicated: Wellness is not your typical business. It has its own set of quirks and frustrations. You can’t use any old business strategy to build and grow your wellness practice. It just won’t work. 

You need a system that is specifically designed for the wellness industry, that isn’t the same overdone tactic everyone else is using and you need a system that is proven to work. 

I got tired of watching good wellness practitioners leave the business, because they stayed effectively invisible to the people they were meant to work with. 

That’s why I created…
The Quick Start Online Chair Massage Course 

The Quick Start Online Chair Massage Course will help you position yourself in front of your ideal target clients, using a wellness service that is familiar and comfortable to them. From there, you will have the opportunity to develop strong trust relationships, which will open the door for you to introduce your other wellness offerings to a much more receptive audience.   

It’s an easy to follow system to develop ideal clients and you get paid while you do it. 

No more burning through profits, spending money on ads and brochures.  

No more waiting for the phone to ring. 

No more discounts or fickle Groupon clients.
YOU can have a system that gives YOU the power to attract clients and more income.  

There are untapped areas of the community that are full of your ideal wellness clients, but unless you have something to bring with you, they won’t buy. 

There are people within your community that don’t even know that other alternative therapies exist, or how helpful they can be. But they appreciate massage.

You need a system to reach these people and to introduce them to your services without the anxiety that they might feel from going straight into something that, for them, is unconventional and out of their comfort zone.  

With this system they can experience your skill and professionalism and you can build rapport with them in the familiar setting of their workplace, retirement community or public event.  Start your client-practitioner relationship with trust built-in!

The Quick Start Online Chair Massage Course shows you how to create a complete business around chair massage. 

You'll learn 3 client-approved chair massage routines AND how to find places that will pay you to bring your massage chair and set up your services. 

You'll learn how you can add chair massage to your current services to attract more clients to your business and then convert them into happy, regular clients for your wellness practice. 
What You Get In The Course
  • Learn online when it suits you – no need to block out your calendar to attend a training session,
  •  Learn in between clients or at home – the course is self-paced 
  •  You can become certified in as little as 30 days, and get your client-attracting chair massage service running as quickly as possible!
A complete chair massage certification and marketing system for just
Have a look at everything you learn in the course.....
 Module 1: 
What is Chair Massage? 

Types of Massage Chairs 

Chair Massage Service Options
Module 2: 
Chair Massage for Seniors. Why it's the ideal massage for seniors. Safe and effective movement of seniors on/off the chair.
Module 3: 
Working with Clients. Effective client communication strategies to attract clients to your weekly programs and create raving fans.
Module 4: 
Practitioner set-up and self-care. 

Supplies, Scheduling & Booking Appointments. Preventing Burnout.
Module 5: 
Chair massage techniques and specific movements to enhance your chair massage. Overview of Full Body routine.
Module 6: 
Upper Body chair massage routine. 

Step-by-step video instruction.

Module 7: 
Legs & Feet chair massage routine. 

Step-by-step video instruction.

Module 8: 
Head & Face chair massage routine. 

Step-by-step video instruction.

Plus These Business-Building Bonus Modules:
Module 9: 
Skills development - Full body chair massage upload for feedback and instructor assessment. 

Module 10: 
Quick Start Practice-building Approach. The step-by-step guide to harness the power of chair massage to attract more ideal clients and increase your presence in your community.
Are you ready to grow your business?
Be known in your community
 for your Wellness services
  • Be the go-to wellness practitioner that everyone in your area is talking about and recommending to their family and friends.
  • Be recognized in the community as the foremost expert on wellness as you learn to harness the power of chair massage.
  • Prove your expertise with professional accreditation that is recognized throughout Canada
  • Be sought after and get invites to community events, workplaces and retirement homes as a valued source of wellbeing for their members. 

It’s that simple.
What People Are Saying
“I really enjoyed the chair massage course. It was so much fun learning online. 

I got really helpful feedback on my videos and I’m excited to add chair massage to my massage practice.” 

Sue Bergeron
" I loved the online chair massage course. I was able to complete it on my own time, without giving up any of my client sessions. 

I’ve been a wellness practitioner, in my home studio, for many years and I was starting to feel burnt out. Now, with chair massage, I can work in a new setting every week. 

– Amelia Bergson
“The online chair massage course was a real door opener. 

So much easier to get new clients by giving chair massages than giving out brochures and waiting for people to call.” 

– Janessa Vaccaro
Our Accreditations
100% Risk Free Guarantee
Here's the deal...

Try this course and use it in your business for 14 days. Watch as your marketing confidence grows. 

I think that you will love Quick Start Chair Massage Course. 

Without the Quick Start Chair Massage Program, you’ll be stuck doing what everyone else does - spending way too much money on ads that don't work and gritting your teeth, waiting for people to respond.

Take control of your own marketing efforts and let your massage become your business card!

With the system I show you in the Quick Start Online Chair Massage Course you're earning money while attracting new clients - the perfect combination!

If within 14 days of registering, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the Quick Start Chair Massage Course, just let me know and I will send you a full refund. 

Are you ready to grow your business?
This time next year...
Do you want to have more time to help clients in your thriving practice that you can be proud of, with a community that knows and respects you as a wellness expert? 

With the Quick Start Online Chair Massage Course, you'll have the tools you need to achieve that success... 
The Chair Massage Service Becomes Your Business Card...
And You Can Get Paid To Hand It Out!
You can grow your business!
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